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The advantages of Titan Petrol Logsplitters 

Log Splitter Kindle Makers - Back In Stock!


If you've been waiting to get hold of one of our kindling maker attachments for the 7 ton log splitter, then you're in luck - they are now back in stock, ready for immediate despatch. This add-on changes splitting your soft wood for kindling from a back-breaking pain, to an effortless job. Get hold of yours on the link below. https://www.titan-pro.co.uk/p/1448/Kindle-Maker ... [More]

The Rhino 30 Ton Log Splitter


The biggest log splitter from Titan Pro has a title to match; The Rhino is 30 ton of log splitting power. Available in both petrol and diesel versions, there is a Rhino to suit what you need. Both models run on Lifan engines, ensuring they keep going well for years to come, and are trailable for ease of movement (though it is not suitable/legal for road use!) With this machine, there is no... [More]

Christmas Product Launch


Christmas is nearly here! Yes, that time of year has come around quickly once again. Planning for everybody’s Christmas presents can be challenging at times, which is why Titan Pro are here to solve your Christmas gift conundrum! Buying for your other half always seems to be the hardest decision to make. You’re most probably brainstorming all sorts of gardening ideas. Most consider... [More]

Which Log Splitter is Best for Me?


Winter has arrived, so it’s definitely time to get those logs ready for the fire and wood burner. Instead of spending hours in the garden with an axe splitting logs, why not upgrade this year to a log splitter which will do the work for you. A log splitter doesn’t cut the logs in half the way an axe would. A log splitter uses hydraulics to drive a wedge, which rams against the... [More]